Introducing Ice Lab from ValidDatum

ValidDatum Limited is once again “Taking the Risk Out of Data” with the provisioning of the UK based, GDPR compliant “Ice Lab UK” Private Cloud Research & Development Lab hosted at the Wirehive Data Center located in the Farnborough Aerospace Centre. Wirehive was selected as a strategic vendor partner due to their UKAS Management Systems

ValidDatum wins UK government grant

ValidDatum wins UK government grant to develop patent-pending technology for Secure Searchability on tokenised and encrypted data London, UK – ValidDatum, a women-owned and operated global data services consultancy, has won a significant grant from Innovate UK to develop secure search software for tokenised and encrypted data. With remote and distributed workforces likely to continue well into the


> Designed a robust Enterprise Risk Management Framework, including a complete data Protection Framework and Governance Structure, deploying technical knowledge of the European GDPR/DPA 2018.

> Quickly secured compromised email systems, deployed NOC & SOC controls, deployed proactive machine learning endpoint monitoring cybersecurity tools as well as establishing compliance policies, standard operating procedures and business continuity programs to mitigate risk and ensure data protection.

> Design and implementation of a comprehensive and quality data security solution to ensure full compliance with GDPR/DPA 2018 regulations.